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7th ISTQL: Information Complexity and Multivariate Modeling In High-Dimensions with Applications

7th ISTQL: Information Complexity and Multivariate Modeling In High-Dimensions with Applications

07 June 2018

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Dear Colleagues,

As Istanbul Quantitative Lectures team, we are proud to announce the program for ISTQL 2018. This year ISTQL will take place in historical Istanbul University Campus area as usual. McKenzie Professor Hamparsum Bozdogan (PhD) from University of Tennessee will be teaching the course "Information Complexity and Multivariate Modeling in High-Dimensions with Application" between the 9th and 14th of July 2018.  This year we are offering course through one week period (total of 24 hours) which is worth 10 ECTS Credits. 

The course aims to give participants the tools of cross-disciplinary modeling techniques which would allow them to sort, model, analyze and interpret very large scale and multi-dimensional data. The methods covered through the course will include but not limited to multivariate data models, data mining and data visualization, multivariate Gaussian models, model selection techniques, supervised and unsupervised classification techniques and high dimension model computations using MatLab program for practical applications. These are the high level, less common, highly sophisticated techniques which might create an selective advantage while publishing in top SCI and SSCI Journals.

The course language is English. The methods will be approached both in theoretical and practical bases with the aim of providing the participants the ability to use the techniques for their personal research projects. The organization is open to both students with required background and academicians who would like to widen their horizons.

A limited number of Turkish students from Turkish University Graduate programs receive a discount bursary from Turkish Higher Education Associations. Please check the website for the bursary conditions. Early registration ends on 20th of June, please check our website for fees and course registration.

For course registration and detailed information please check our website: www.istql.com.  It is very much appreciated if you could also pass this information to your colleagues, researchers or students, who you believe that they may be interested in. We are hoping to see you in Istanbul this summer. 

Professor Cigdem Aricigil Cilan (PhD)
Director of Istanbul Quantitative Lectures 
Istanbul University/ School of Business Administration
Quantitative Methods Department 
Avcilar Campus Avcilar/ Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 473 70 70-18292 

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